Electric Car Charging Point
Driving the Future

Electric Vehicle Charging Points

Driving is changing. The electrical commuting revolution is upon us and an electric car is a great way for you, as the consumer, to save a lot of money whilst reducing your carbon footprint: contributing to a healthy and stable environment.

With a home charge point, you have the convenience of being able to access your own fuel station at home, giving you the ability to control the fuel delivery rate and cost. Connecting your vehicle to a home charge point and filling it up becomes as routine; as simple as recharging your mobile phone before you sleep.


Most electric vehicles come with a Level 1 charging station, which allows the vehicle to be charged from a standard household plug socket (13 amp). If your vehicle is a plug in hybrid (PHEV), or you don’t often cover much mileage, this may suffice. However, if your vehicle is a pure electric vehicle (EV), and you drive daily, it’s likely that you will require a level 2 charging station.

Home Charge Point Options

The main benefits of a level 2 charging station (home charge point), are faster home charging times and convenience with added safety.

A level 1 charging station (standard household plug and socket) is restricted to 13 amps. This will therefore produce a slow charge of approximately 10 – 12 hours, which is not particularly ideal if you are on a cheaper overnight tariff.

With a level 2 charging station there are two common power outlet options. The first is 16 amps which produces 3.6kW; Whilst this is still considered a slow charge it is faster than a level 1 taking between 6 – 8 hours for a full charge. The second option is a 32 amp producing 7.2kW which produces a fast charge, taking between 3 and 4 hours. There are more powerful options but these are usually restricted to a higher voltage than is found in most domestic properties.

Plug-In Options

The charge point can be installed either as a socket version (requiring the use of a fast charge public cable) or a tethered version complete with a quick, efficient and easy to connect lead for your specific vehicle.

Smart Options

As with all home installations, ‘smart’ options are available. This can allow you to switch on and off via your smart phone, and gather data to monitor charging activity and consumption.

Installation and Government Funded Grant

Through OLEV, 123 Electricians can give you access to a Government funded grant which provides a 75% contribution towards the cost of an EV home charging point up to a maximum of £500, leaving you to pay only a minimal fee.

Eligibility requirements include:

  • Evidence to show ownership of, or access to, a plug in vehicle
  • Off street parking
  • A suitable proposed site for the installation (our free survey will assess suitability)
  • Permission from the landlord if you do not own the property
  • If the charging point is to be located within a garage, the garage must be attached to the main house unless it has its own power supply with sufficient capacity to support a 16amp or 32amp charger
  • The applicant (EV owner) agreeing to the OLEV Domestic Scheme Terms and Conditions (See OLEV website)

Basic installation includes:

  • Chosen ROLEC Wall Pod Charge Point
  • Maximum 10m cable run from the source of the supply (Consumer Unit) to the Charge Point
  • Cable run will be surface mounted and clipped direct
  • The existing Consumer Unit is RCD protected and has an available spare way
  • The existing earthing arrangement must comply with current regulations.
  • The Charge Point is to be fixed to the main property / attached garage and is able to utilise the existing earthing arrangement.

123 Electricians are fully trained and certified in EV Charge point installations, and can provide you with a free home survey to establish individual suitability.

Should the survey identify requirements beyond the basic installation, 123 Electricians can provide cost effective solutions, such as the installation of a mini Consumer Unit to provide the necessary protection, or the introduction of an alternative earthing system. Additionally, 123 Electricians can carry out further work at the request of the homeowner such as the chasing in of cables, installation of trunking or ground works to bury cables.

Once we establish your specific requirements and necessary specifications, we can undertake the design, supply, installation and maintenance of your EV Charge point, providing you with an economic route to trouble free motoring.